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If you’re proud of where you work, you’re invested in your company’s values and you love what you do – you’ll produce incredible work.

On paper, it’s a straightforward formula – a one-way ticket to an engagement utopia. In practice, it can be a bit trickier. And that’s why we’ve put a lot of time and thought into designing and implementing a wellbeing offering that does more than blur the lines between work, play and happiness. Here at Cooper Parry, we’ve set out to erase them altogether.


We want to make their lives better overall. That’s why the planning process was about much more than free fresh fruit and a showstopping Christmas Party (although we’ve got those covered, obviously). It was about digging deeper and listening to our people to hear what really mattered to them.

The product? A wellbeing offering that has it all. From physical health, mental health and financial wellbeing, to open holiday and helping our people tick off their bucket lists – we think we’ve created something truly unique.

And if our hat-trick of 2019 European Employee Engagement Awards and consistent position in The Sunday Times 100 Best Companies to Work For list are anything to go by; our people love it too. And that’s what it’s all about.


They help us thrive. They help us grow. They keep our dreams alive. That’s why when we launched our People Experience Programme, one name shone through: Heartbeat.

It’s a 12-month calendar of experiences that our people and their families can sign up to, split into six key areas: CP Feel Good, CP Giving, CP Fun, CP Family, CP Bucket List and Hogwarts-style competitions between our CP Houses.

And it’s not just physical wellbeing we focus on. We’ve got mental health first aiders who put themselves forward to be trained so they could spread mental health skills and awareness. Every year our people share their mental health stories through internal blogs. And our Heartbeat programme features a number of other initiatives, all designed to break the stigma and create an environment where nobody feels like they’re facing any mental health issues alone.

Here’s this year’s calendar to give you a flavour of what’s on offer:

When it comes to wellbeing, Heartbeat is a big part of how we stay innovative. It’s how we stand out from the crowd, it’s how we lead, and it’s how we attract, retain and get the best people’s pulses racing. Those that understand our passion and see the world the way we do.


It’s no secret that feeling good has a ton of benefits when it comes to reducing stress and boosting confidence, self-esteem and happiness. That’s why we have weekly on-site yoga and boot camp classes, treadmill desks, free fresh fruit, nutrition and wellness coaching and a whole lot more. Some of our core benefits include:


As long as you’re working your contracted hours, we don’t mind when you start and finish. We want everyone to be able to work when they’re feeling the freshest and accomplishing the most. And this freedom to choose your start and finish time day by day presents a lot of opportunities to make life count away from work.


We trust in our people. Where suitable, you’re actively encouraged to work from home, one of our other offices or any location that takes your fancy. And with the recent announcement of our move into the WeWork space in central London, being agile has never felt so good.


Yep, this is real. And it works! There’s no hidden limit or tracker. It’s still a request that needs to be approved, but we put the power in your hands. Did you know that The British Psychological Society found that an additional ten hours of holiday per year can improve performance by 8%? Now that’s some maths we can get behind.


You’ll get your birthday off as standard. And we help our people celebrate special occasions, including spa days for mums to be, a baby hamper when their little one arrives, gifts for those getting married and rewards for exam passes and length of service.

All our flexible benefit options are located in one convenient place, making them easy to find and easy to make the most of. These include a cycle to work scheme, a healthcare cash plan, car breakdown cover, travel accounts – the list goes on.


When the amazing work you’ve been doing is recognised, it makes you feel pretty damn good. It’s human nature. That’s why we have a ‘Cheers for Peers’ booth in our offices, and an electronic version online, where you can shout out, congratulate or thank one of your colleagues for anything they’ve done.

We also give out awards and shout outs at our monthly, company-wide get together; CP Holla. It’s just another way of showing our appreciation and creating a culture where excellence never goes unnoticed.