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    name of cookiename of providerpurpose
    __utmaGoogleGoogle Analytics Tracking
    __utmbGoogleGoogle Analytics Tracking
    __utmcGoogleGoogle Analytics Tracking
    __utmzGoogleGoogle Analytics Tracking


    Spotler Cookies & Tracking  

    At Cooper Parry, we use Spotler, a marketing automation platform.

    Spotler includes cookies. First party cookies, to be precise. And they come out the oven as soon as you click ‘accept’ on our website.

    Once baked, they help us understand our audience engagement, which we then use to give our marketing activity even more flavour.

    More information can be found out about Spotler Cookies HERE.


    Other Tracking  

    We also use similar technologies including tracking pixels and link tracking to monitor your viewing activities. 

    Device & browser type and open statistics  

    All emails have a tracking pixel ( a tiny invisible image ) with a query string in the URLWithin the URL we have user details to identify who opened an email for statistical purposes.  

    Link Tracking  

    All links within emails and SMS messages sent from the Spotler platform contain a unique tracking reference, this reference help us identify who clicked an email for statistical purposes.