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Corporate Social Responsibility all sounds so, well, dead dull and corporate. And that’s just not us.

But we love what it stands for: doing the right thing. Not as an obligation but knowing that it can make a real difference. At a tiny day-to-day level and in a big picture/big planet kind of way.

That’s why we do loads of different things to help the environment and why we get stuck in with different cool projects in and around our community.

Giving back is part of our DNA at Cooper Parry, which is why we’ve joined forces with onHand the online volunteering app. As a company, we want to start doing more good in the local community and leaving a positive impact.

We’ve made a pledge to give 365 days of volunteering each year. onHand’s award-winning solution aims to make employee volunteering as easy as ordering a takeaway and looks to combat some of society’s biggest challenges facing the world today.

Our partnership means our people can volunteer for the causes that matter the most to them. They get can be matched with activities such as befriending phone calls to tackle loneliness, food drops to local food banks, youth mentoring to inspire the next generations, eco-cleanups and helping the elderly with simple tasks.

onHand also aims to support our sustainability goals by planting trees for all 400+ employees, starting a CP forest that will increase in numbers based on the amount of local volunteering completed.