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Gareth, Aug 2021

"This years audit process ran really smoothly and despite a tight deadline, everything was completed on time. Bhavesh (our audit..."

Tapiwa, Aug 2021

"This is the second audit we have had with CP since moving from PWC and the processes has significantly improved..."

Julie, Aug 2021

"The whole process is very smooth. Cooper Parry keeps everything on track and for the 2nd year in a row..."

Wendy, Aug 2021

"Extremely supportive and proactive throughout the audit review"

Monica, Aug 2021

"High standard of service. Proactive staff. Attention to detail. Excellent communication."

Mark, Aug 2021

"Cooper Parry other than other practices do things when they say they are going do them. You don't need to..."

Neil, Aug 2021

"Consistent service and understanding of the client. Building of working relationships and maintaining of key audit personnel annually where possible...."

Perminder , Aug 2021

"Great working with the Audit team and Steve. We may need to find a balance on virtual vs face to..."

Kathryn, Aug 2021

"Always prompt and helpful"

John, Aug 2021

"CP are providing all the support necessary to us as an SME. Audit worked well, Partner support great. We probably..."

Tony, Aug 2021

"R&D Claim: The additional cash has allowed us to continue growing our business. We were expecting a high standard and..."

Christine , Jul 2021


Gary, Jul 2021

"Consistently meet promises made re: timings and action. Excellent communication and clarity. Knowledgeable and experienced team blended well with youth..."

Manee , Jul 2021

"1. Team and Management is very supportive and responds quickly 2. Always reachable for advice required"

Perminder , Jul 2021

"R&D claim: The service and collaboration is exactly what we have began to expect from CP R&D Tax team. The..."

John, Jul 2021

"R&D claim: Achievement was correlated to expectations given the experience of the team and our prior working relationship. The additional..."

Nick, Jul 2021

"I have confidence that the job will be done properly, by cheerful, competent, professionals!"

Tricia, Jul 2021

"Accounts production timely. Good quality draft. Friendly approach."

Liz, Jul 2021

"You source our engagement with familiar staff. Sky Farnsworth is a pleasure to work with. She accomodates our timeline and..."

Andy, Jul 2021

"Overall an excellent, proactive all round service from both the audit and tax teams. We were surprised and disappointed to..."

Mark, Jul 2021

"Very helpful and pro-active."

Michelle, Jul 2021

"The team work well with all parties in a collaborative manner and get the job done."

Bryan, Jul 2021

"You have always worked in a professional manner and did a complete job with no corners being cut."

Graham, Jul 2021

"You have taken on a new account very smoothly and completed the audit on schedule"

Wen, Jul 2021

"Very intense time at the company and Cooper Parry has been there to support at each turn with a large..."

Rebecca, Jul 2021

"Communication was good throughout the process. Straightforward despite Covid-19 restrictions."

Lisa, Jun 2021

"R&D Claim: At my level it is not about comparing results but the guidance & experience from Marcus North for..."

David, Jun 2021

"Courteous, efficient service as always, Genuinely unsure as to where to point towards improvement"

Russell, Jun 2021

"The same reason we would not consider any other practice and have used CP for the last 50 years ...loyalty...."

Adam, Jun 2021

"Cooper Parry have provided tech-savvy, tech-enabled audit services to us of the highest quality and pragmatism. The team are very..."

Lambro, Jun 2021

"Excellent communication and timely responses. Fresh, friendly approach."

Emma, Jun 2021

"Great service across the audit and tax service lines. Proactive team, personable and professional despite the fact that (due to..."

Adam, Jun 2021

"The Cooper Parry audit team did a fantastic job in delivering back to back audits (one of which was a..."

John, Jun 2021

"Excellent all round both audit and tax. No suggested improvements."

Steve, Jun 2021

"Great all round service!"

Lisa, Jun 2021

"Good communications, have kept us on task all year"

Graham, Jun 2021

"All staff I have had interactions with have been helpful, professional and clearly technical skilled at the service engaged to..."

Peter, Jun 2021

"Excellent communication, ALL staff seem more than competent"

Steven, Jun 2021


Nigel, Jun 2021

"Good communication and planning. Remote audit due to Covid have been remarkably good."

Kate, Jun 2021

"Always helpful and approachable."

Anne-Marie, Jun 2021

"The audit this year was exceptionally well organised. A timetable was produced well in advance and due to the pandemic,..."

Adrian, Jun 2021

"Audit team are really friendly and pro-active."

Zoe, Jun 2021

"Have worked well with your team to achieve our audit in a smooth way, with good communication and accountability."

Tom, Jun 2021

"Have found the whole team to be friendly and helpful, especially in challenging and unusual times. Nothing seems to be..."

Christian, May 2021

"Very helpful, approachable, commercial and easy to deal with. I enjoy working with the team at CP."

Philip, May 2021

"Audit conducted in efficient manner in difficult circumstances"

Bart, May 2021

"Met all required deadlines and good to work with at all levels"

Louise, May 2021

"Regular contact made and delivered on timescales"

Sarah, May 2021

"First year for us completing a virtual audit and it went really well, with clear instructions and lists of requirements...."

Dave, May 2021

"The audit process was fair and efficient, we enjoyed working with your team and would recommend you to other organisations"

Dave, May 2021

"Very helpful , very professional thank you"

Chris, May 2021

"I think your service has been excellent this year"

Hazel, May 2021

"R&D Claim: I've had a previous working relationship with Cooper Parry, so knew my expectations would be met. The additional..."

Adam, May 2021

"R&D Claim: Very impressed with the quality and speed of response, with the team able to finalise two years worth..."

Kym, May 2021

"Our relationship partner - Alison"

Louis, May 2021

"Very pleased with our first year working with CP"

Jim, May 2021

"Well organised, understanding and pragmatic. Have worked hard to make our lives easier. Kept in regular contact."

Steve, May 2021

"Continued excellent service and support throughout the year, not just around audit."

Matt, Apr 2021

"Excellent communication during the COVID pandemic, we felt very supported by your organisation."

Gurinder, Apr 2021

"My team has been exceptional under the current climate - and have been on site that has shown commitment to..."

Neil, Apr 2021

"My dealings with Cooper Parry are usually done by correspondence/emails. The service provided over the past year has been as..."

Colin, Apr 2021

"Audit and Tax teams have always done what we expected of them in a friendly and professional way and always..."

Pauline, Apr 2021

"CP have a good understanding of our business, always contactable, provide up to date first class information on all aspects..."

Richard, Apr 2021

"Mark, Rhiannon, Ross and Ellen showed good co-ordination to deliver within the timescales that we needed. I would like to..."

Sarah, Apr 2021

"The best team of people to work with. On our wave length, don't complicate things. Very supportive. Keep doing what..."

Matthew, Apr 2021

"On time and no surprises"

Elaine, Apr 2021

"Always very responsive, pragmatic and keen to help. Really enjoy working with everyone from CP!"

Ashwin, Apr 2021

"During the past few months I've had need to speak and deal with our teams and responsiveness has been excellent...."

Vicki, Apr 2021

"Always very knowledgeable and provide a great service. Rather than other audit companies of a "them vs us" culture, CP..."

Gaynor, Mar 2021

"R&D Claim: the additional cash will allow us to continue to invest into the business. The results were above expectation"

Alan, Mar 2021

"Consistently good service"

Ran, Mar 2021

"Great customer intimacy and passion to provide quality services & build relationships"

James, Mar 2021

"Professional and friendly service. Expertise on hand when requested (although we need to be better at asking for this more..."

Arron, Mar 2021

"R&D claim: The additional cash will allow us to continue investing in the growth of the business moving forward. Results..."

Edward, Mar 2021

"Timely responses and efficient audit, friendly, helpful"

Brian, Mar 2021

"A friendly and supportive business Partner, who always respond quickly and thoroughly. Only slight concern is that there does seem..."

Stephen, Mar 2021

"Always go above and beyond and showing you are more than just an Audit Partner."

Jonathan, Mar 2021

"Quality of staff I engage with and their professionalism and honesty."

Ray, Mar 2021

"Professional, flexible and progressive."

Lee, Mar 2021

"Excellent - breath of fresh air compared to our previous, Big 4, advisor. I like to deal with people not..."

Ulla, Mar 2021

"Active contact, well respecting customer's tight reporting schedule, supporting customer well"

Wayne, Mar 2021

"Excellent customer service. Confidence in team. Professionalism. Ease of use. Next year if remote audit would like to plan differently..."

Debbie, Mar 2021

"Adapted to first full remote external audit. Staff knowledgeable and approachable"

Katie, Mar 2021

"R&D Claim: Better than our expectations! This was the second year which Ece worked with us to complete the R&D..."

David, Feb 2021

"Excellent all round service across Audit, Compliance, Taxation & general accountancy & business related matters. Its very reassuring to have..."

Tim, Feb 2021

"Because 5 star were one of my favourite bands in the 80's and 90's"

Simon, Feb 2021

"Great team. Great advice"

Paul, Feb 2021

"Professional and easy to deal with. Show fair judgement and have quickly gathered our companies position accurately."

Ruth, Feb 2021

"The team have been very supportive in achieving our audit aims. Communication is clear and concise. Very helpful in explaining..."

Kevin, Feb 2021

"Excellent Service"

Adam, Feb 2021

"Friendly, knowledgeable team who delivered to a high standard, on time."

Lezelle , Jan 2021

"Excellent client service from start to finish. You take the time to really know the client and entity you have..."

Linda, Jan 2021

"You are great responders to issues and very supportive. We feel well looked after."

Mark, Jan 2021

"You’re doing great. The only improvement is on the practical points and making sure that client instruction details are confirmed..."

Marta, Jan 2021

"Always supportive, experienced and reliable team"

Melanie, Jan 2021

"Everyone at Cooper Parry that I have dealt with has been really patient and helpful."

Natascha , Jan 2021


Nichola, Jan 2021

"We have always been happy with your service"

Paul, Jan 2021

"I was stuck between 4 stars and 5 stars so went with 5 because I don't think there's much more..."

Paul, Jan 2021

"Very efficient grant audit with continuity of staff who clearly have experience in this arena."

Rosemary, Jan 2021

"Great communication. Staff are always helpful and approachable, easy to reach and quick to respond. Great empathy with the challenging..."

Sally, Jan 2021

"Efficient, prompt, quick to pick up on detail, always on top of time schedules, good customer relationships"

Stuart, Jan 2021

"R&D claim: results exceeded expectations"

Jane, Jan 2021

"The support and help given is always excellent."

Jamie, Jan 2021

"Professional, flexible approach with sound advice and patience with us as a new client with a complex situation! Even with..."

Graham, Jan 2021

"Great friendly but professional service. Would highly recommend."

Emma, Jan 2021

"Smooth remote audit and good assistance and advice on a VAT matter"

Douglas, Jan 2021

"Happy with the service we are receiving, all deadlines met and advice given when asked"

David, Jan 2021

"Professional and efficient. A small point; Sometimes a little late in final delivery."

David, Jan 2021

"Always responsive and helpful, in particular Ben and Simon"

Crispin, Jan 2021

"All our requirements have been completed on time"

Colin, Jan 2021

"Excellent support"

Clare, Jan 2021

"Everything has been done well. Moving to a remote service was daunting but your communication, planning and advice has been..."

Catherine, Jan 2021


Antoinette, Jan 2021

"Customer care & continuity delivered by James as this is exceptional and the continuity because every year he has supported..."

Anne, Jan 2021

"Professional, efficient, friendly and uncomplicated. Reports are user friendly to a variety of audiences eg trust board, accounting officer, finance..."

Anita, Jan 2021

"All staff involved with the audit are approachable, take time to explain things if required. This year was first audit..."

Paul, Aug 2021

"Response times to queries are good"

Sarah, Aug 2021

"Brilliant relationship with team at CP. Very accommodating and friendly, knowledgeable and approachable. I can't fault them. Only slight concern..."

Clement, Aug 2021

"Great and efficient service."

Rob, Aug 2021

"Overall a seamless audit, however there are times when the communication between the audit team could be improved, with different..."

Shirley , Aug 2021

"We are relatively happy but we do not yet seem to have cracked meeting the deadlines which we all agree...."

Rebecca, Aug 2021

"This year I have had many calls regarding R&D and Patent Box relating to our new group company. I feel..."

Gloria, Aug 2021

"Communications good, responses are good so no complaints"

Matthew , Jul 2021

"I personally feel that the service we have come to expect from CP over the years has been maintained throughout..."

Jonathan , Jul 2021

"Great service, attentive, good delivery."

Nicola, Jul 2021

"The audit was efficient and ran smoothly - for a first year audit and fully remote I was very impressed."

Esperanza , Jul 2021

"R&D claim: The process has been straight forward. However, it would be good to get to improve communication in regards..."

Pamela, Jul 2021

"I'm happy with the service given. The only reason for not giving 5 stars would be that it gives a..."

Carl, Jul 2021

"Only recent experience were the accounts for JTT which ran smoothly."

Ian, Jul 2021

"Early days, but: (1) Jeremy tells me the audit went well, (2) the staff on the audit were efficient and..."

Jeremy, Jul 2021

"It was a first year audit that went very well. Next year the CP staff won't have the same learning..."

Daniel, Jul 2021

"Very reliable, efficient and knowledgeable"

Connie, Jul 2021

"Great firm and people. Dedicated and committed, but also flexible and pragmatic. Maybe think hard about some standard templates -..."

Dominic, Jun 2021

"R&D Claim: The results exceeded our initial expectations, once we started discussions with Jonny Brewster it became clear that we..."

Paul, Jun 2021

"Good communication. Knowledge on actual subjects available."

Paul, Jun 2021

"I’m happy with the service"

Simon, Jun 2021

"Streamlined audit process that was carried out entirely virtually and audit team were friendly and efficient. Accounts produced in good..."

Rachel, Jun 2021

"I'm the FD and had no contact with the audit field team whilst carrying our the audit. We have a..."

Keith, Jun 2021

"Early days yet, but no complaints"

Espe, Jun 2021

"A wide range of professionals very knowledgeable. We are working on making improvements from both sides together. However, from CP..."

Kathryn, Jun 2021

"Efficient and friendly"

Sarah, Jun 2021

"I enjoy working with Cooper Parry."

Jean, Jun 2021

"No audit yet this year - but contact and help given so far has been very good - Expect greater..."

Gareth, May 2021

"Excellent first year audit experience. Was considering giving 5 stars but there is always room for improvement! The audit of..."

Lynn, May 2021

"We have had good support to audit electronically and are happy with the online meetings"

Julie, May 2021

"R&D Claim: You met our expectations, easy to deal with and we got back more than we thought we could...."

Sud, Apr 2021

"CP have demonstrated their ability to work remotely under the COVID-19 restrictions. It has been hard for us as a..."

Narinder, Apr 2021

"Always get a response and feel we work on a fair basis. Cost and work is very transparent which enable..."

Julie, Apr 2021

"It was a very good experience. Simon and Charlotte were incredibly patient through a difficult audit, but did not patronise!..."

Anita, Apr 2021

"The audit team were very professional, clear expectations set, communications were and provision of data / information was made easier..."

Michael, Apr 2021

"Excellent communication. Audit completed on schedule. knock a few bob off the fee next year to help cure my "Woke..."

Mike, Apr 2021

"Audit went well - a few issues at the end over letters - would benefit from improved communication"

Mark, Apr 2021

"Good turnaround times. I would like to see a bit more proactive engagement, prior to the year-end to establish a..."

Tariq, Apr 2021

"Overall I am very pleased with the service CP have provided, always available to engage in any questions we have,..."

Ramesh, Mar 2021

"R&D claim: very good, expectations were as planned. The additional cash will enable us to re invest in the business..."

Emma, Mar 2021

"Generally good overall especially with taking on a new client during a pandemic. Year 2 will be far easier."

Kit, Mar 2021

"CP provide a very good level of service that is cost effective and professional. Their work is generally carried out..."

Susan, Mar 2021

"I can see and entirely appreciate the immense amount of hard work going on, but I think that perhaps some..."

Beverley, Mar 2021

"The team is approachable. I feel comfortable asking questions. A little concerned with the submission of our financial returns being..."

Katrina, Mar 2021

"This year a lot of things were new for us all. So next year, with the experience gained from working..."

Daniel, Mar 2021

"4/5, feel out of 5 is a bit restrictive. 5/5 is, in my opinion, cannot do any better. I don't..."

Steven, Mar 2021

"Overall pretty good but not very proactive. You do well at providing a basic accountancy services but it would good..."

Peter, Mar 2021

"All is going well and in these challenging times where time is very limited its good a lot of information..."

Vicky, Mar 2021


Jane, Feb 2021

"First of all, our partner Andy was incredibly supportive and dealt with all queries promptly and efficiently, even when things..."

John, Jan 2021


Marion, Jan 2021

"Everything has gone really well and advice and assistance given is always good but timing has been an issue with..."

Martin, Jan 2021

"This is our first year with CP so it's been a learning experience for both of us, not helped by..."

Michael, Jan 2021

"The school receives an excellent service from CP. In respect of the remote audit which was done due to the..."

Mike, Jan 2021

"Maybe an unfair comment given first audit and remote auditing but it would be better from my point of view..."

Nikki, Jan 2021

"It was good to have the same audit manager as we had in the previous year. The remote audit went..."

Peter, Jan 2021

"Friendly knowledgeable staff who we trust to provide helpful technical advice. Could improve completion of some tasks ahead of deadlines..."

Ruth, Jan 2021

"Easy to talk to and you cut through the jargon. Clear reporting and representation of accounts to the Board. I..."

Francesca, Jan 2021


Elaine, Jan 2021

"As a whole I have been very impressed with Cooper Parry and the individuals I have had dealings with throughout..."

Debbie, Jan 2021

"Excellent feedback and service, however due to remote audit because of COVID, submission of electronic staff contract files was extremely..."

Debbie, Jan 2021

"Some in-year support would be useful, to ensure that the accounts are accurate and tidy in readiness for year end,..."

David, Jan 2021

"The team at CP are always very helpful and attend to all our requirements."

Chris, Jan 2021

"Great service on audit, responsive and professional. 5 star. Non audit service pricing though is not in line with audit..."

Cath, Jan 2021

"Good relationships, positive feedback and being understanding of impact of other work etc. Although this had to be done remotely,..."

Caroline, Jan 2021

"Whilst appreciating the need for the audit to be conducted remotely, I felt it was very impersonal. More use of..."

Britta, Jan 2021


Rob, Aug 2021

"We continue to receive very good support from the team at Cooper Parry aided by Snapshot which has really improved..."

Liz, Jun 2021

"Really enjoy working with your staff but the teams do change so some continuity would be nice if possible. Also..."

Kate, May 2021

"Response times of late have been a little slow."

Kay, Mar 2021

"We feel that our IE cost us a lot of money for our size (especially when compared to similar size..."

Marie, Jan 2021

"Teething problems as a result of our first audit and the ever changing challenges of the pandemic. Very helpful and..."

Mark, Jan 2021

"I've not heard from you....other than via email"

Andrea, Jan 2021

"All worked as expected under the current circumstances."

Rosemary, Feb 2021

"I felt there was little preparation for the audit, which took place in September 2020, the first with CP, although..."