“We are delighted Guinness have led the round to accelerate our 2022 growth plans and allow us to rapidly scale the business. The Cooper Parry team showed a strong commitment to supporting us through this round and delivered value throughout unlocking key investor conversations, bringing additional connections to the table and helping us close at speed.”

Dan Warne

Founder & CEO | Sessions

Sessions is revolutionising the £100bn restaurant market in the UK. It’s helping independent restaurant and food entrepreneurs accelerate the growth of their brands through a readymade, cross-channel platform, encompassing both virtual and retail spaces.

We recently sat down (in their wonderful new home) to chat with long-standing Wealth clients, David and Caroline. 

We covered loads of things, but perhaps most importantly we talked about what we did that made life really count to them.  

Their responses are honest, relevant and charming. Take a view below. 

Phil describes himself as ‘unconventional’ and has been non-stop in business since leaving university. He has a long-standing relationship with Cooper Parry Wealth CEO, Stephen Jones, but began to think about money when he exited the business he’d built in 2007.

“I nearly lost my life – this changes things”

“In 2005 I nearly lost my life and spent a week in Intensive Care in septic shock. Since then I have taken on many non-executive roles in businesses and charities but my appetite to risk remains unusual – David, my adviser, will confirm that! Cooper Parry Wealth have always listened to me and what I want, their advice is tailored entirely around this which is very important to me”.

“Innovative and pushing forward in the digital arena”

“The way Cooper Parry Wealth carry out their work and present their information is innovative. They’re constantly working at pushing forward in the digital arena, which is surprisingly unusual in this sector.

“I don’t have time to deal with the financial side of things properly and I’m not a professional, David is and I get on with him, he understands me. I don’t want to be in a standard portfolio; I have different views on life and from the beginning this has been reflected in the choices I make about my money”.

“They’re ahead of the game”

“The reports I receive focus on my personal goals, how I can achieve them and what Cooper Parry Wealth are doing to help me get there. All of this is articulated well, and I believe they are ahead of the game in terms of their processes and the tools they use.

“For me it’s about the people, their competitive edge and their desire to evolve – I don’t plan on slowing down and I expect my financial adviser to keep up”.

Craig founded his company in 1994. Its five unique, creative businesses make up one of the country’s leading establishments for film, music, gaming, and much more.

Cooper Parry had been the company’s accountants for some years. Then in 2015, Craig and Penny received an offer to buy the business. Shortly after, their Relationship Partner Andrew Honarmand introduced Craig to us.

“We were already in touch with other wealth management firms – some of the larger ones.

“Then, Andrew recommended Cooper Parry Wealth. So we asked for proposals from all of the firms we were talking to. It meant we could do a direct comparison.”

“Transparent”, “personable” and “clear”

“Penny and I found Cooper Parry Wealth were a much better fit for us. They were so transparent, their people were personable, the whole approach was clear and after two years it’s still the same. Presentations are always nicely pitched, there’s no jargon, it’s very straight-forward and understandable.

“They were certainly competitive on fees too, even though price wasn’t everything to us. In proposals from the larger firms, we’d found there were fees buried everywhere. And there were lots of penalties mentioned for doing certain things at certain times. Again, this comes back to the transparency we’d found with Cooper Parry Wealth.”

“Flexible to work with”

“The team are always very flexible to work with. We’ve just been working on a house extension and we needed to withdraw some money. It’s been easy to do and I think it would have been much trickier elsewhere.

“They have good, knowledgeable people. I have a regular Wealth Planner in Ewan but I know I can call on any of the team I’ve met before. There’s always someone to talk to. The level of contact is just right.

“I’m quite techy, so late at night even when there isn’t someone to talk to, you might find me checking the online client portal to see how things are going.”

“Trust is a big thing for me”

“On the investment side of things, I leave it entirely to Cooper Parry Wealth. I trust what Stephen and Ewan are saying. Trust is a big thing for me.

“It’s a different world that we’re investing in these days – what with Brexit and Donald Trump. But I’m confident in our future and how they are looking after our investments.

“We have two children and Penny and I are both busy with work, I’m still CEO and she’s Director of the film company. But working with Stephen, Ewan and the Cooper Parry Wealth team gives us that peace of mind we were looking for.”

We sat down with Philip and asked him why working with us for wealth management is helping to make life count.

He recently retired as a tax partner from Cooper Parry and is now a client. He’s got a bit of an inside track on how we work and we wanted his opinion on how we’re doing.

“We moved to Cooper Parry in May 2021 after hearing about them through a supplier of ours. We were instantly attracted to how dynamic they looked and how they prided themselves on being so much more than just another accountancy firm.

The Workplace Depot prides itself on working with exceptional, forward-thinking companies, so we were delighted to find our cultures aligned. The hardest part about finding a good accountant is seeing whether or not they have a strong culture that values its employees as well as their customers.

Accountants in the past have sounded condescending or can be confusing, making it difficult to get the right result for our business. Cooper Parry on the other hand has been attentive as well as genuinely interested in the business, not just touching base every 6 months.

They seem to have a real enthusiasm for the business and want to work with business owners, families and entrepreneurs to help them along the way to rapid growth. We chose Cooper Parry because we believe that we need both an accountant and a wealth manager that will serve as a long-term partner, not just another short-term accountant.

Why have boring when you could have Cooper Parry?”

Steve Miller

CEO | The Workplace Depot

Rick and Clare have been clients since 2013, over the years they’ve built a strong relationship with Cooper Parry Wealth and since Rick sold his business the couple have focused on living life to the full.

Having retired from an exciting and fast paced career in the biomedical technology sector, Rick was looking for reassurance around his finances and needed clear forecasting – planning for potential changes in circumstances was key for the couple.

“We needed someone we could rely on”

“Living with illness isn’t cheap and this is something we needed to consider when it came to our finances, we were seeking reassurance and our adviser has always given that to us. 2017 was particularly stressful for us and despite being focused on an operation it was good to know our finances were being looked after.

“Our adviser, Pete Brewill, is reliable and friendly, we get along and he puts a lot of effort in to making sure he understands our personal situation. He’s always encouraging us to enjoy the money we worked hard to earn!

“We have enjoyed cruises, trips to Disneyland and helped with the children’s weddings – it feels great to be so in control of our money that we know we can afford to do this whilst maintaining our standard of living and saving for the future.”

“We don’t have to make guesses about our money”

“The tools Cooper Parry Wealth use are fantastic, we can see exactly how much money we have, where it’s coming from and how much we need going forward. There’s no guessing when it comes to what might happen in the future, they show us how our financial situation might change by forecasting under different circumstances, such as an extra holiday or more care as we get older – they’ve got it covered.”

“We’re very involved in our finances and like to understand the detail, Pete works with us to ensure we’re on track each year. We couldn’t be happier with the service”.

John and Anne have both had jam packed careers. John in the textile industry and Anne in bio-pharmaceuticals. A joint venture took them in a new direction and in 2007 they sold their Petrol Station business.

The couple had an existing investment portfolio with one of the larger banks, but the crash of 2008 changed things for many people, not least John and Anne!

“We wanted to travel regularly and support our children”

The financial crisis changed the way John and Anne thought about their money and they knew it was important to protect it – after all they had dreams to fulfil and a retirement to enjoy. A little time after 2008 David Holmes became the couple’s adviser.

We helped John and Anne shape their financial goals and make them a reality. They wanted to travel, enjoy their hard-earned retirement and make sure their children could get the education they needed for their careers to take shape. This is where we came in…

“The projections are so useful – there is no bullsh*t when it comes to David”

“We have a great relationship with Cooper Parry Wealth, the team is always welcoming and so is the office! I would recommend them to any of my friends. Most importantly we reap the rewards of their advice every day and seeing our aspirations coming to fruition is amazing!”

John and Anne have visited all 7 continents of the world and supported both their children through university – one is a teacher and the other training to be a vet. “Both of these things were long term goals for us, we wouldn’t have achieved them without the help of Cooper Parry Wealth”.

“The projections we see are so reassuring”

“We meet with the team once or twice every year and they show us what we need to know in a way that is easy to understand and extremely reassuring. Cash flow projections are a great example, we can see how much money we’re going to need and how to make sure we have enough. This isn’t just based on our life now, it brings in all kinds of changes that might come up over the years – so much has changed already but it doesn’t stop the team from giving us sensible advice that guides our decisions”.