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Join our Team

New to working with us in Teams? You’ll get an email inviting you to join our team.

  1. Open your invitation email
  2. Click on Open Microsoft Teams
  3. Review and Accept the Permissions statement
  4. Follow the instructions to set up extra security verification using the mobile app. You can watch our set up guide here.

Set up extra security for your account

When you join our team, we’ll ask you to set up extra security verification. This is also called two-factor authentication. You can watch our set up guide here too.

  1. Open the Additional Security Verification page. You’ll be taken to this after clicking the invitation link to join our team.
  2. In Step 1, use the dropdown box to select the Mobile app and choose Use verification code.
  3. Click Set up.
    Then, use your smartphone to:
  4. Download and install the Microsoft Authenticator mobile app to your smartphone
  5. Select Add account
  6. Choose Work or school account
  7. Use your smartphone to scan the QR code from your computer or copy the code and URL
  8. Click Next
  9. Once you see Mobile app has been configured for notifications and verification code select Next on your computer
  10. In Step 2, tap your account name in the Microsoft Authenticator app and enter the six-digit verification code in your computer
  11. Select Verify
  12. In Step 3 on your computer, enter a contact number. Choose your country code from the drop-down box.
  13. Click Finished

Switch to our CP team 

If you use Teams in your organisation and with Cooper Parry, you’ll need to switch between your business’ secure Teams area and ours to access our joint team. This is known as switching tenants.

  1. Open the Teams application or the Teams web app
  2. Click on the drop-down box in the top right of your screen. You’ll find it next to your initials or picture
  3. Select Cooper Parry Group Limited (Guest) to join our team
  4. Verify your identity using Microsoft Authenticator on your mobile

Share a message to everyone in the team 

Have a question, idea or update to share with the team? Start a conversation.

  1. Head to the Channel where you’d like to share your post
  2. Make sure you’re on the Posts tab at the top of the screen
  3. Click New conversation
  4. Type your message into Start a new conversation
  5. Hit Enter to send your message

Want to share a longer message?

Click on the Format  to expand your text box. You can add a subject, add colour to your text, highlight important sections and add links too. Hitting Enter will let you start a new paragraph here, so when you’re ready to send your message, click Send instead.

Reply to a chat 

If you’re answering a question or responding to a thread of thought, use Reply to keep related conversations together.

  1. Find the post you’d like to respond to in the Posts tab
  2. Click Reply under the thread
  3. Type your message into the Reply box
  4. Hit Enter  to send your message

React to a message

Sometimes there’s no need to say anything. Just a quick thumbs-up ? lets others know you’ve read their message. React to posts to show others how you feel.

  1. Find the post you’d like to react to in the Posts tab
  2. Hover over the post until you see emojis to the top right of the post
  3. Select your emoji to give a quick reaction

Send a private message

When you need to send a private note to just one or two people in the team, start a Chat with them.

  1. Open Chat from the blue panel on the left-hand side
  2. Click above the chat pane
  3. Type and select the name of the person or people you’d like to chat to
  4. Write your message in the Type a new message box at the bottom of the chat

Your chat history will be available to view in future from the Chat section. Only those added to your chat will have access to view these messages.

Find extra information tabs

Tabs give quick access to important information or files. There may be times we use tabs to share extra information, like team notes or a project plan.

  1. Open a channel in the team
  2. Find the headings above the posts section
  3. You’ll always see a Posts and Files tab. See what other tabs your team has to hand to the right of these.

Upload a file to a team 

Share a file with the team rather than attaching it to an email.

  1. Open the channel where you’d like to add a file
  2. Click on the Files tab, and if necessary open the relevant folder
  3. Upload your file by either:
    1. Clicking Upload and selecting the file from its location on your computer; or
    2. Drag and drop the file into the folder.

Your uploaded file will appear in the file list. You can rename the file by clicking on More options  if needed.

Co-edit a file to a team 

If you need to make changes to a Word, PowerPoint or Excel file, you can edit from within Teams. Other people will be able to make changes with you, so if you’re on a call together, you’ll be able to collaborate on a document.

  1. Head to the Files tab of the channel where your file is held
  2. Click on the file name
  3. Be sure to turn on Editing mode
  4. Make the changes you need.

Look out for peoples’ images or initials in coloured bubbles at the top of the document. You’ll be able to see if others are editing at the same time.

Make a video call to someone in your team

We love getting to know our clients and seeing each other helps keep us connected. Instead of picking up the phone, why not video call us instead?

  1. Type and select the name of the person you’d like to speak to using the command bar at the top of your screen
  2. From your chat screen, click on the Video Camera  icon to the right of their name
  3. Turn on your camera and microphone using the Camera  and Mic icons. If there’s a line through either of them , then it’s turned off.
  4. Click Hang Up when you’re ready to leave the call.

Share your screen in a meeting from Teams on your computer

Use the Teams desktop app to show rather than tell by sharing your screen with us in a meeting.

  1. Wave your mouse over your screen
  2. Click Share  
  3. Choose whether you’d like to share your desktop, an application or a PowerPoint.
    1. Desktop will share your whole screen with us. Be sure to close anything confidential!
    2. Application will share the screen of one app from your computer e.g. Word. Recommended if you won’t be switching between applications or screens.
    3. PowerPoint will let you present a slide deck to others on the call. You’ll have a selection of recently accessed PowerPoint files to choose from. If the file you’re looking for isn’t there, don’t worry. Just click Browse to search your computer for the slides.
  4. Stop sharing your screen by clicking Share

Share your screen in a meeting from Teams web app

Don’t have Teams downloaded? Use Google Chrome to share your screen in the Teams web app.

  1. Wave your mouse over your screen
  2. Click Share
  3. Select Screenshare
  4. Choose whether you’d like to share your entire screen, an application window, or Chrome tab.
    • Entire screen will share your whole screen with us. Be sure to close anything confidential!
    • Application Window will share the screen of one app from your computer e.g. Word. Recommended if you won’t be switching between applications or screens.
    • Chrome tab will let you choose another tab in your web browser to share.

Share your screen in a meeting from Teams mobile app

You can share information from your smartphone in a Teams meeting too. To join a meeting and share your screen from your smartphone, you’ll need to download and install the Teams mobile app.

  1. Tap your meeting screen
  2. Click More Options
  3. Select Share
  4. Choose whether you’d like to share a PowerPoint, a photo, video or the entire screen of your smartphone.

Turn on video in your meeting

Seeing each other helps us get to know each other better. If your meeting started without video, turn it on at any time.

  1. Move your mouse over the meeting screen to show the meeting toolbar
  2. Click on the Camera icon
  3. Your camera will be ‘On’ when there is no longer a strike through the icon

Mute your microphone in meetings

If you’re somewhere with background noise, you can mute your mic when you’re not speaking to help others in the meeting. You can unmute at any time.

  1. Move your mouse over the meeting screen to show the meeting toolbar
  2. Click on the Microphone icon
  3. You’ll notice a strike through the icon when it’s turned ‘Off.’

Leave a meeting

When your meeting ends, remember to hang up. Hanging up ends your video and audio and ensures you don’t accidentally stay on the call.

  1. Move your mouse over the meeting screen to show the meeting toolbar.
  2. Click Hang Up  red phone icon

How to change your meeting background

You can blur your background or transport yourself to somewhere exotic by changing your meeting background. FYI: you can only change your background in the Teams desktop app

  1. Move your mouse over the meeting screen to show the meeting toolbar.
  2. Select More Options
  3. Choose Show background effects
  4. Select an image from the Background Settings pane
  5. Try it on by clicking Preview
  6. When you’re happy, choose Apply and turn on the video

Your questions answered

  • Is Microsoft Teams secure?

Absolutely! Microsoft Teams secure guest access allows Cooper Parry to collaborate with people in other businesses by giving specific people access to our existing teams and channels. 

  • What makes Microsoft Teams secure? 

Microsoft Teams is designed around essential compliance and security standards. Some of the commonly recognised offerings include: ISO 27001, SOC 1, SOC 2, SOC 3 and CSA Cloud Control Matrix.

Microsoft maintains the largest compliance portfolio in the industry both in terms of breadth (total number of offerings), as well as depth (number of customer-facing services in assessment scope). This gives us confidence that Microsoft can protect yours, and our own, data and information.

  • How is my guest account access secured?

When you log in to a Cooper Parry Microsoft Team for the first time, you will be prompted to set up additional security verification, commonly known as two-factor authentication. 

Every time you use this account to log into a Cooper Parry Microsoft Team in the future, you will need to log in using your username and password, and enter a six-digit code from the Microsoft Authenticator app.  

You can find out more information about setting up Microsoft Authenticator on your smartphone by clicking here.

  • Where is the data stored?

All Microsoft Teams data is hosted directly in Microsoft’s secure datacentres which reside in the EU. This also helps provide sufficient guarantees to meet key requirements of the GDPR.

  • I don’t have a Microsoft account. Can I still join video meetings with you?

Yes, you can. You’ll receive an email inviting you to a video meeting with us in Teams. Thisemail will contain a link to an online Teams meeting. If you don’t have a Microsoft account, clicking this link will take you to page where you can type in your name before joining the meeting. 

In the invite email, you’ll also see a phone number underneath the meeting link. If you’re struggling for internet access, you can join the meeting by calling this number. You won’t be able to see us, but you’ll hear everything we say.

  • Why do we use Microsoft Teams to collaborate with clients?

We love Microsoft Teams. We can get to know each other with Teams meetings, wherever you are. And we can also collaborate in real-time in the teams and channels we create with you, our clients.

It means you don’t need to rummage through email threads to find out what’s happening on your project. You can send quickfire messages and replies. All conversations and files are in one easy-to-find place, and it means we can complete our work for you faster.

It also makes sharing information with Cooper Parry a breeze. No more concerns about sending information to the wrong email address. Just upload your information to our secure Team and you can be confident it’s arrived to us safely.

  • Do I need a specific email account to access Microsoft Teams?

No, you don’t. You can use any email address, whether this is your business domain (e.g yourname@yourbusiness.com), a Gmail account or email address from another provider.

  • Does Teams work with Mac and iPhone?

Yes, it does. You can download the Teams client for Mac, for free, from Microsoft’s website or the App Store. 

Teams isn’t currently supported in Safari. If you’d prefer to join Teams on the web app, you’ll need to use Google Chrome from your Mac instead. You can download the Teams app on your iPhone for free too. 

  • How often will I need to re-login to a Cooper Parry Microsoft Team? 

You will be required to re-authenticate into a Cooper Parry Microsoft Team every 24 hours.


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