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      What do you do?

      I provide support and recommendations to potential buyers and investors of businesses by conducting detailed financial analysis of historical and forecast data and discussions with key management of target business to reinforce understanding that enables us to prepare a concise, factual but thorough report that will in turn enable our client to make an informed decision.

      Why do you do it?

      I love the interesting, non-routine nature of the job, the detailed analysis and the interactions with senior management either side of the transaction, buyer and seller.

      I love that we are part of such an important part of their business journey. Some companies go through a transaction once in their business lifetime which can be a rather stressful experience for both the buyer and the seller and being able to get involved in that process, to ensure it is as smooth and timely as possible, is extremely rewarding.

      What kind of projects have you been involved in?

      I have been involved in different transactions in various different sectors, since moving to TS from Audit in 2015, namely professional services, manufacturing, waste and recycling and retail.

      Our team has been involved in 17 completed deals this year and I am extremely proud of our team spirit, hard work and commitment.

      What’s on top of your bucket list?

      Visiting Japan during cherry blossom season. There is something uniquely mesmerising and captivating about it. I would also love to participate in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony. The ritual of the ceremony is all about gratefulness and respect.