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      What do you do?

      I help companies that spend time and effort solving technical challenges. I get rewards for their efforts to help them grow; enabling them to invest in more development, increase their headcount, or reduce their reliance on external funding and keep control of their own business.

      Why do you do it?

      It’s fair to say I’ve very much fallen into R&D tax; it’s been an interesting career journey to get here…  A physicist by degree, my first proper job was as a scientist for the MoD.

      When the downturn hit, I took the opportunity to fulfil a childhood ambition to become a police officer. Really enjoyed the experience but, a few years in, I realised the combination of shift work and Friday night scuffles weren’t really for me, and made a move into something a little safer – tax.

      I started my training with a boutique firm just down the road working in Capital Allowances and slowly but surely found my niche in R&D – 10 years on, having worked for two of the Big 4, I’m excited to say I’ve joined CP!

      What kind of projects have you been involved in?

      I get involved in a wide variety of clients and sectors – one of the most random (and interesting) weeks I had included meetings with a social media giant to discuss their platform development, a regional baker to discuss how to include tomatoes in sandwiches without turning the bread soggy, and a local dentist who’d set up a company to try and improve treatments techniques!

      What’s on top of your bucket list?

      I have a tendency to set myself fitness challenges (recent examples being running 2,016km in 2016, or signing up for the 2018 RideLondon 100-mile bike race having never gone further than a few miles on a bike!) but am yet to run any marathon. My aim is to run the London event, and then complete the London Classics by doing the Swim Serpentine (just have to learn how to swim properly first) to get an impressive medal for the wall!