I’m a working-class lad from Stoke with a burning desire to succeed, and a hunger to look back and think… wow, did we really do all that?

I focus on hiring amazing people, and I take every opportunity to coach and empower them to live our vision and values. I’m surrounded by some very experienced, talented, humble partners, and together we’ve set out to build a business that we’d all love to work for. As it’s turned out, that’s meant ripping up the rulebook – page by page, following our hearts and challenging every accountancy stereotype under the sun.

I make sure we always celebrate our successes. I make tough decisions too but that’s part of it. And although we’re No.1 in the Midlands – I want to take it further. I want to live with no regrets. And I want to continue to work hard and play hard, all while being a great husband and Dad.

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