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What do you do?

I look for great businesses, in sectors we know really well, who may want to raise private equity funding to reach the next level or who may be thinking about selling. I coordinate all our sector research, to ensure that our knowledge about these sectors is first rate. Business owners value my knowledge about their industry (the value drivers and recent deal multiples) and the market news I can provide. It is my job to prove that we are extremely credible and worth meeting with, as well as being nice people, that business owners will enjoy working with.

Why do you do it?

My background is working in Corporate Finance lead advisory (ie. doing the deals, so I know what I’m talking about), but my skills really lie in business development. I enjoy getting to know new people and providing information that business owners really value. It also really suits me at the moment, so I can have a fulfilling, enjoyable and balanced work and home life.

What kinds of projects have you been involved in?

Our Corporate Finance team has sold many of the businesses that I first approached. From the glowing client testimonials, I know that we have a great team and that we always vastly exceed client expectations.

What’s on top of your bucket list?

I have lots of small goals for this year – lots of family time and as many holidays as I can fit in (each year I like to have a really different holiday to the norm); to finish my house refurbishment (and to throw the wallpaper stripper away) and to climb Snowdon at Night, which I am doing with Cooper Parry. It’s a mountain I’ve never climbed but always fancied doing, although not necessarily at night!