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What do you do?

I’m here to navigate you and your business through the complex world of tax. It’s likely your business will be privately owned with heaps of entrepreneurial spirit. You’ll be looking to take over the world (or sector, at least) and probably sit within the real estate, manufacturing, tech or retail space.

What makes me tick? It’s simple. It’s about getting a deep understanding of you, your short term goals and long term aspirations. It’s about making sure tax plays a part of that strategy and doesn’t give you any nasty surprises. It’s about using my own experiences to challenge the status quo.

Alongside this, I will introduce you to Cooper Parry’s fantastic team of tax specialists as and when required to make sure tax saving opportunities are fully explored and compliance obligations are met. This could include VAT, R&D, capital allowances, international tax/transfer pricing, employment taxes or private client to name a few.

Why do you do it?

Being a mathematics and financial economics graduate, I’ve always been a bit of a geek. Complex but logical (most of the time!), always changing and guaranteed to stick around – a career in tax was always destined to be!

Cooper Parry are that little bit different (just Google our offices!) – by prioritising culture and employee wellbeing, you can expect unrivalled attention. It is truly a great place to work and the culture is like nothing I’ve seen at other accountancy firms.

What kind of projects have you been involved in?

I provide practical tax advice to shareholders and their companies on all things equity related. You could be looking to sell your business, acquire a business, restructure your business or implement share incentive arrangements for key management. Tax plays a key role in these transactions and getting it wrong can be costly. This doesn’t always need to be the case!

What’s on top of your bucket list?

Being brought up in the Lake District, I have a real passion for the outdoors (and no, contrary to popular belief, my accent isn’t from Yorkshire). I love the solitude of the mountains and the adrenaline of adventure sports. There’s no better way to escape and reinvigorate your mind.

Top of my bucket list is to take this love to the extreme and backpack across the Patagonian mountains in South America. Incredibly remote, volatile and a true adventure. Perfect!