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      What do you do?

      I’m a Tech Advisory Solutions Manager within the Early Stage through to Scale Up Team.

      I support ambitious, growing, entrepreneurial businesses by implementing cloud accounting ecosystems and their wider app stacks.

      This can range from adding expense systems, to automated scanning invoice systems, approval systems, cash flow and management reporting tools, to bespoke fulfillment applications.

      Each client is different, it’s key to  focus on bespoke requirements, ensuring that  the solution benefits the stakeholders as well as the business overall.

      Why do you do it?

      I enjoy the challenge of helping growing business expand their finance solution. It’s great seeing client’s reactions when you automate processes, when they realise the time and savings costs  you provide them.

      Having worked at both KPMG and BDO, CP culture is amazing! CP  are forward thinking , showing how modern-day accountancy firms can operate and work, making it people oriented first, which naturally leads on to great work for clients.

      What kind of projects have you been involved in?

      I’ve worked with  clients from all different industries, ranging from education, property, manufacturing, retail, and early startups.

      This has included  implementing an expense solution into one of the UK’s leading digital banks. As well as a fledgling U.K. startup in the virtual events space, that is growing exponentially.

      Implementing cloud accounting system continues to be a key area. I’ve worked with several large commercial property clients to  create a bespoke finance function which allows them to create interactive management, reporting and cashflow reports as well as automating their approval processes over different regions and offices.

      The goal every time is to add real value to our clients and make their lives easier. That means better information quicker with the aid of cloud accounting solutions.

      What’s on top of your bucket list?

      Traveling and exploring unfamiliar places, meeting new people and new experiences is my passion. I would like to take a year or two and explore the world. I would also like to live in Asia if I could get the chance. The lifestyle and culture are something that I really enjoy, plus the weather is much better and the food is amazing!

      Working with entrepreneurial business has also left a burning desire to start my own business one day and I know if I do, I will be reaching out to CP for the financial outsourcing.