What happens when you bring together entrepreneurial business founders, CEOs and maverick leaders who say it how it is with no bullshit platitudes? You get a Rebelution that’s what. One that our brilliant team captured on video. If you weren’t in the room, you can still enjoy the buzz, insights and top tips shared by the speakers. All from high growth, tech-based companies. 

    There was no yawn-inducing theory. All the speakers offered unfiltered, jaw-dropping lessons from their funding journeys. Good, bad and occasionally ugly. Learn from their impressive successes that took them from start-up with Seed funding to Series A. 


    Audoo – Powering a transparent music industry 

    With their backgrounds in the music industry Ryan Edwards and Chris Herbert had entertaining stories to tell about setting up Audoo. With their enthusiasm and experience Audoo is revolutionising the music royalty market. Their ambition was to grow the business quickly. They wanted to get series A funding – raising £5m in seven weeks. Their proposition was so strong even Bjorn from ABBA came on board. You want Spice Girl stories? Who doesn’t – watch now. 

    Melissa Snover – award-winning entrepreneur and food tech visionary 

    From vegan gummy candy to 3D printed gummies which evolved into personalised printed vitamins, Melissa’s definitely been there/done that when it comes to growing companies. 

    Founder and CEO of Rem3dy Group with brands Nourish3d and Scripted, Melissa’s secured impressive funding rounds for both. Her story and insight into working with funding angels are worth a look/listen.  

    Blink – A better every day for every frontline worker 

    Sean Nolan is incredibly honest and gives an unfiltered account about his experience of growing Blink. He benefited from identifying companies willing to take a risk on new technology. He was lucky to find great customers so early on.  

    Blink is now established – not just within the UK market but also Australia and the US. Sean’s approach is unique and his funding track record is off the scale. Learn from what he has to say about how he went about it. 

    Grip – making connections count 

    Using AI Tim Groot has revolutionised the world of networking with his new platform Grip. Impressively, in February 2021 the company raised £9.45m in a Series-A funding. There are some key lessons that Tim has identified. He talks frankly about the challenges of raising finance. Alongside those challenges he believes a company can only grow as fast as its founder does.  

    Watch him chatting to John Maffioli about his journey and how he was initially inspired by Tinder.  

    And finally… 

    If you weren’t there, you really missed out. We can’t give you retrospective access to the brilliant venue. The raw energy of the moment. The fabulous food. Or the in-person networking opportunities. What you can do is put any FOMO to bed. Get on our mailing list so you get to hear the low down about our events. In time. Every time. 


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    STEVE NOSS, Head of Creative

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