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Three years ago, this piece was written. It created quite a stir. Which was great because the desire was always to be disruptive. And the reason for this reaction? It was the refreshing honesty and transparency; telling it the way it is. But what’s maybe even more remarkable is that everything written here still rings gloriously true. So, if you haven’t read it, here’s the original article in full with a brief update to conclude. Enjoy.


Fast-Forward 3 years

So what’s new? Well, Cooper Parry are still ripping up the rule book. They are hammering the hum drum and smashing the norm to smithereens. They’ve doubled in size. They’ve now shed the shackles of the PKF network (in Ade’s words, they were ‘too traditional and were slowing us down’).  As well as opened offices in London and Bristol.

Their maverick streak also ensures that they are more famous for their CULTURE than ever – being named Europe’s Best Company to Work For in 2019 underlines the point. They have a fast-growing Tech arm too. Which is why Microsoft crowned Cooper Parry as their World No1 Dynamics partner.

You get the picture. At Cooper Parry, the restless energy gathers more momentum. Who knows what the next few years will bring? But one thing’s for sure, the Cooper Parry journey will be as rebellious as ever.

This piece was written by CLIC. 

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