Homenewsparkview scoops gold


After being named as one of The Top 10 coolest offices in the UK by The Telegraph last year, our offices have just picked up another award.

Park View, our base in Solihull, won the Gold Award at the FIS Contractors Awards, which are the equivalent of the industry Oscars for Paragon, the design and build specialist we partnered with on the project.

We like what Paragon said too

In their coverage, which you can find hereParagon Business Unit Director, Lee Harris, who picked up the award on behalf of the Paragon team, said:

“The whole project, known as ‘Parrydise’ by our client, is unashamedly bold. They have been able to create, reflect and reinforce an incredibly vibrant organisational culture through their new workplace and we are proud to have played a part in that.

“Whilst a giant pink bull in reception may not instantly evoke thoughts of accountants they will soon realise that this is PKF Cooper Parry, this is Paragon and this is a very different way of thinking and working.

Haven’t seen it yet?

If you haven’t seen our Solihull office before, get in touch and meet us for a coffee. In the meantime, take a look.

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