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    When people hear about our culture, it’s the first thing they say…

    “Surely people take the p**s”, “Do people do any work?” – these are just two of the reactions everyone at Cooper Parry is used to hearing when we talk about our culture.

    Sure, unlimited holidays, email curfews, nap-pods, free fruit in the office and everything else might sound different. It’s true – we’ve undoubtedly created a great place to work and our Sunday Times Best Companies 12th place finish reflects this.

    However, we don’t just do things because they’re cool. We do them because there’s reasoning, facts, statistics and evidence behind every decision we make. Put simply – they improve our peoples’ lives. They improve our clients’ service.

    Everything we do has a purpose

    • 10 hours more holiday improves an employees’ performance by 8%.
    • If you take all of your annual leave, you’re 6.5% more likely to be promoted.
    • If you take a 20-minute nap mid-day, it’s proven that you’ll be 30% more productive.

    After reading the research and hearing these statistics from organisations such as Gallup and the Employee Engagement Alliance, I almost think it would be ignorant to ignore them and not be considering, “What can we do with this information?”

    For us, we’re always thinking about happier, more engaged people. It’s in our WHY to help people “Make Life Count”. And statistics like this prove there is a real and tangible ROI in doing so. If healthier, more well-rested people are more productive, that’s good news for everyone – our people, our clients, our business.

    Of course, things don’t always go to plan

    We don’t have any horror stories. (Sorry to disappoint!) But as an entrepreneurial, innovative business we like to trial and test different ways of doing things, if they don’t work the first time, we’ll tweak it until is perfect.

    The world is moving fast and changing at an exponential rate and we must move with it or we will get left behind. Fact. We hear a lot about “change fatigue” which explores the idea that too much change and innovation mean your people will get weary.

    We’re conscious of this and so we don’t do change for change’s sake, we make changes where research shows us that the benefits will far outweigh any fear of something new. It’s not always about reinventing the wheel either. It’s about being prepared to evolve. It’s about creating a business environment which is stable but not static.

    My advice to any business would be, look out for the statistics, listen to the research and be aware of the changes that are happening in the world. Because, even if it doesn’t affect your business today, it most likely will tomorrow. It makes life a whole lot easier when we’re prepared for the changes.

    Look out for more blogs from our Partner and Chief People & Culture Officer, April, coming soon.


    APRIL BEMBRIDGE, Partner & Chief People Officer

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