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After supporting a long list of manufacturers on their R&D claims recently, we’re seeing more and more opportunities for free cash that had previously been missed.

Right now, when cashflow means everything, that’s criminal. So, the Cooper Parry R&D Incentives team are putting on this broadcast event, 17 June, 2 – 3:30pm.

Join us as Jonny Brewster and Rosalind Chapman bring manufacturers up to speed on the cash they missed out on over COVID and, more importantly, how they can get that now.

Together, we’ll be answering these key questions:

  • Have you changed a process and missed out on the R&D cash incentives?
  • What’s new in R&D? Including the full impact of the COVID support that is available.
  • What risks should you be aware of to avoid under (or over) claiming?
  • And have your qualifying activities been claimed for? Because if not, it’s not too late.

This event will be held on the interactive virtual event platform, Remo. So, if you can feel Zoom fatigue setting in, a) we’re with you on that one, and b) we think you’ll find Remo very refreshing.

Sign up now. And we’ll see you there.


17th June 2021 – 14:00 – 15:30pm


JONNY BREWSTER Head of R&D Incentives (South)

Jonny has been working full-time in R&D Incentives for over a decade.  In this time, he’s helped companies large and small – from billion-dollar revenue-generating household names to pre-revenue entrepreneurial start-ups – access vital funding through R&D Incentives to allow them to continue their growth journey.  In recent months, a lot of his clients’ focus has switched to generating additional cashflow through R&D Incentives to help keep the lights on throughout the pandemic.

Holding a Masters degree in Physics, Jonny’s career before tax was within the UK MoD – where he was involved in science-y stuff (that he really can’t talk about) but enables him to engage with technologists from any area of industry.  Since the switch to tax, he’s become a fully-qualified Chartered Tax Advisor and represented one of the Big4 on the R&D Consultative Committee.


I help companies understand the VAT rules in the UK and the EU so they can pay the right amount of VAT, at the right time and in the right jurisdiction.  

It’s not all about the Jaffa cake case or not necessarily always 20%.

At my previous employers I have done everything from advising funeral homes, advising on the VAT liability of meal replacement drinks for the fitness and bodybuilding market, the VAT liability of fertility products and structuring and apportionment for an opticians group. 

I have also advised clients on buying out companies, VAT recovery on deal fees and VAT consequences of structuring.  




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