All firms accredited to perform the reserved legal service of probate are required to collect, report and publish diversity data about their employees.

November 2017

So, these are the results from our most recent survey, where 77 of our 450 or so people told us a bit about themselves. We’ll be posting more on diversity and inclusion shortly, as it’s something that’s very important to us.

The jobs we do

Team Member                39
Assistant Manager         4
Manager                         17
Senior Manager              6
Director                           7
Partner                            4

How old we are

16-24                               13
25-34                               31
35-44                               24
45-54                               8
55-64                               1
65+                                  0
Prefer not to say              0


Male                                32
Female                            45

Sexual orientation

Prefer not to disclose      1
Heterosexual/Straight     75
Bisexual                          1

Ethnic origin

Any other Black/African/Caribbean/Black British                  1
Chinese                                                                                 1
Indian                                                                                     3
Other ethnic group                                                                 1
Other mixed/multiple ethnic background                               1
White British                                                                           65
White British/English/Welsh/N.Irish/Scottish                          5


Atheist                             17
Catholic                            5
Christian                          13
Church of England          19
Hindu                               1
No religion                       16
Other                               1
Protestant                        1
Sikh                                 3
Prefer not to disclose      1

Do you consider yourself to have a disability according to the definition in the Equality Act?

No                                   75
Yes, limited a little           2

Are your day-to-day activities limited because of a health problem or disability?

No                                   74
Yes                                  2
Prefer not to say             1

ICAEW membership status

Applying for membership                                                                  1
I’m currently a member                                                                     24
It’s not applicable for my role                                                            50
I’m not currently a member but it’s applicable for my role                 2

If you went to university (BA, BSc or higher) were you the 1st generation of your family to do so?

Did not attend university              19
No                                                15
Prefer not to say                          1
Yes                                               23
Did not respond                           19

Did you mainly attend a state or fee-paying school between the ages of 11 to 18?

UK state school                                      53
Attended school outside the UK             1
UK independent/fee paying school         3
Prefer not to say                                     1
Didn’t respond                                        19

If you require any further information please contact Simon Atkins on SimonA@cooperparry.com