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Through choppy waters and calm, great leaders are lighthouses.

Ever-present when their direction is needed, they illuminate the end goal; building resilience, looking after their crew’s wellbeing, and inspiring them to reach it.

We’re all facing a landslide of learning right now. New ways of working. New ways of building relationships. New technology. And a new perspective and approach to life.

Sure, change can be daunting. But this is evolution. And if our leaders don’t shy away from it, embrace its opportunities and continue to put our peoples’ wellbeing and engagement first, we’ll keep going from strength to strength.

Setting the course

For every hurdle, there’s a plan to get over it. And that plan must be communicated to every member of your team, so they know how they fit into the bigger picture.

Deliver it in a clear, real, bold manner. Address the situation and lay out your vision concisely, yet thoroughly. Communicate and connect using your voice and your personality – not that of a faceless business. And steer way clear of words like ‘crisis’ and ‘closely monitoring’. Your team want clarity, transparency, direction and hope. Not an echoing of the news.

Getting all hands on deck

Outlining your vision is the start. But to realise it together, you’ll need to set your people clear expectations and have regular conversations about any priority shifts. Proactively schedule video check-ins, seeking and receiving feedback as often as possible to keep everyone on track, and in the know.

Purpose is power, and when your people understand how their role ties into the wider business’s journey, their engagement and productivity will soar.

Lead with your feelings

We’re humans, not superheroes. And while we may not be able to fly, teleport or throw double-decker buses, we have emotions and feelings that deepen relationships when they’re shared.

So, tell your team how you’re feeling. Tell them what’s been going through your head. Tell them what you’ve been doing to stay mindful. And start a conversation which brings their feelings to the surface. Then, your words and actions can resonate with each other and pave the way to a happier, more connected team.

Wellbeing through the web

Remember work-life balance? Right now, there’s friction between every commitment your people have, and the parents with young children are starting new roles as home teachers too. So, your wellbeing efforts are going to be valued more than ever.

Regular check-ins are the foundation, but we can use technology to go further than that, connecting with our people and bringing them together in creative, exciting ways.

How about a virtual hub to share recommendations and discuss things like podcasts, books, movies, TV shows, videogames, recipes or home workouts? Start conversations, spark interaction.

And then there’s video calling, which lets us up the ante (and the engagement) by taking face-to-face favourites like yoga classes, exercise classes, pub quizzes, workshops, and those frothy, Friday evening refreshments into the virtual world.

Don’t go back to the drawing board. Take what your people love about your culture. And digitalise it.

Whatever happens, the next few months will show us one thing: we can all be lighthouses. Sometimes it just takes moments like these to flick the switch.